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Devlings Management Team

Product design

Writing code for code's sake is meaningless. We study a client's business model and understand their needs. Each of our software developers is trained to work collaboratively with client product teams, guiding them through discovering and clarifying every aspect of their initial idea. We help our clients define an MVP and turn it into a winning product with a clear and feasible time to market.

Web development

We specialize in web apps either monolithic or fed by REST or GraphQL APIs. Our apps are always device-agnostic. We also build services that can plug in client systems. Our teams use SCRUM to establish and maintain a stable and predictable development pipeline. Our project managers ensure smooth and on-time communication with all client stakeholders. Our experienced team leads create an environment in which development tasks are completed efficiently and each programmer's technical ingenuity can shine.

Third-party integrations

Most modern web apps need to work with third-party systems. Building integrations with such external software requires deep product knowledge, responsible data management, good fail-safe planning, and excellent communication with all client stakeholders. Our engineers guide the client through selecting the right external partners for their product. We have wide experience with payment and financial systems in unusual markets such as the Middle East and Eastern Europe, and build seamless links to existing client systems. We also work confidently with leading third-party providers, and have learned to be collaborative and creative when building integrations with unusual or niche products.

Application maintenance and management

A successful software product requires professional maintenance and management. We support our clients' vision by ensuring our applications are in top working condition and can be easily scaled to fit growing demand. CI/CD is an integral part of our process so we can ensure that development of new features will not compromise the work of the existing system or slow it down. We build integrations with performance monitoring tools and guide our clients in deciding how to improve or further develop their products.

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